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The Six Best One Night Characters

One Night is the world’s most underrated game. Bezier Games has managed to produce an entire line of games (One Night Vampire, One Night Alien, One Night Werewolf, One Night Supervillains) with unique characters that each have special abilities in the game. One Night is a card game with a structure similar to Assassin, except all the characters are supernatural creatures. The physical game is accompanied by an app, and the game play follows the voiceover. In case you are an avid player of One Night, or would like to become one, here is a comprehensive list of the six best roles:

1. The Cow. Yes, you read that right. The cow is extremely sensitive and, if the cow is tipped, can find out information about who the Aliens are. The cow is kind of a gossip but plays the innocent, which is pretty skillful for a cow.

2. The Blob. Oh yes, while seemingly amorphous, the Blob is definitely an excellent character. As the Blob, you can “absorb” other players. That’s it, but really, what more can you ask for?

3. The Tanner. The Tanner is perfect for all those who like walking in the middle of the aisle. He needs to pretend to be a werewolf even though he isn’t, hoodwinking all the other players. This role is ideal if you can act suspicious... but not too suspicious.

4. The Dream Wolf. The dream wolf is fast asleep- the best selection if your favorite Disney dwarf is Sleepy or if you’d like to snooze through the game.

5. The Village Idiot. You can move everyone’s card one to the right or one to the left, or not at all. Seriously. In this role, you can choose to do nothing- the ULTIMATE power move.

6. Renfield. Renfield is genuinely an excellent part, largely due to the fact that you can use the “mark of the bat.” This mark literally does nothing except "cleanse" Renfield (whatever that means) and let others know that Renfield is lurking (look at him- you’d want to know if he’s lurking).

In truth, the most iconic One Night character is the Narrator. Sassy yet straight to the point, the Narrator's personality leaks into every word he speaks. In the name of research, I selected all the roles (86 in total) to profile each's potential actions and abilities. At the start of the game the infamous Narrator commented, "Really? You've selected all the roles? I have better things to do and you probably do too." The Narrator does have better things to do-- he is too cool for us all.

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