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The Perfect Man

You can’t see a movie or read a book without stumbling upon at least one handsome, funny, intelligent, seemingly ideal man. In media, these men are ubiquitous and it’s easy to swoon over them. The formula for a perfect man is simple, and requires one ingredient: extreme loyalty. There are so many characters, divergent in all ways aside from the loyalty factor, that it can be overwhelming. How can a girl choose her perfect man when literature and television are swarming with them? I have compiled a list of a few guys who make the cut and are solid contenders, just to make this perilous decision a little easier.

Side note: I realize that only non-animated guys are realistic, but Disney dominates this list because facts are facts.

1. Luke Danes (Gilmore Girls) - He runs a successful diner, makes the best coffee in Stars Hollow, has a rapier wit and can banter for days. Solid and dependable, Luke Danes makes the top ten list for perfect, sadly fictional, man.

2. Nick Miller (New Girl) - Nick Miller is, for the first six seasons of the show, a mess. A lovable mess. However, he is always there for Jess (to the point of being an “emotional fluffer”). His social gaffes, pranks and self-deprecating humor all supplement his charm. He may not be a textbook perfect boyfriend but Nick Miller has a heart of gold.

3. Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries)- Damon Salvatore is a fan favorite because, despite being a serial killer, he is faithful to Elena come hell or high water.

4. Eric (The Little Mermaid) - Prince Eric is unquestionably one of the dreamiest Disney princes. More than his dark hair and blue eyes, his ability to search high and low for a girl he saw one time is admirable. Barring a magic hypnosis spell, Eric will never betray you and is a promising selection for #1 perfect man.

5. Beast (Beauty and the Beast) - The Beast is the romantic hero for a homebody who also loves adventure. In short, he is the dream man for a reader, a lover of books (Belle). He’s selfless, and will put your needs above his own and truly exemplifies chivalry (after he learns table manners).

6. Flynn Ryder (Tangled)- Flynn is a thief and a vagabond whose smolder can get him out of almost any situation. He, by the end of the film, is willing to sacrifice his monetary gain to stay loyal to Rapunzel and his feelings for her. This selfless act was marred by the shenanigans of another Gothel, but we noticed.

7. Fitz (Scandal) - Fitz is the leader of the free world and the president of the United States. However, he would (and has offered many times) to give up his presidency for the love of his life, Liv. Scandal and Fitz are a bit of a package deal but he never gave up on standing in the sun with Liv.

8. Kaz Brekker (Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo)- As a criminal mastermind and heist connoisseur, Kaz Brekker weaves plot lines like a spider. His intelligence is unbeatable but the only person he will take off his gloves for is Inej.

9. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)- This entry is made in honor of my sister, who loves Reid with every fiber of her being. Although Reid doesn’t have a long term love interest on the show, he is by far the most loyal character I have ever encountered. His eidetic memory, know it all status and innocuous quips only add to his lovable nature. “He’s weird and smart and perfect” -Alana, 2019. Enough said.

10. Dr. Pomatter as portrayed by Drew Gehrling (the Broadway Musical Waitress)- This man is a legend= a Doctor, a hilarious clutz and an incredible duet partner. The song “Bad Idea” alone makes Dr. Pomatter the ideal man. He knows the power of a good hug, and eagerly learns how to bake a pie to comfort Jenna. He’s number ten on the list because 10/10 would recommend.

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