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Thanksgiving and Second Chances

This Thanksgiving was truly the best I have ever had. We were able to visit my aunt, uncle and cousin in Texas, and I am so grateful that our entire family was able to spend the holiday together. It is can be very difficult when family moves away, but it makes the time you spend together all the more precious. That intangible hygge feeling was present for the entire trip.

My cousin and I were raised as sisters, and she has known me longer and better than nearly anyone in the world. We have a million and one memories, inside jokes and traditions; she was my first best friend. I have the propensity to shut down when I am hurt or confused. When she moved away and we grew apart, I missed our friendship but never made an effort to rebuild the relationship. I'm often short-sighted that way, and I make mistakes in the name of protecting myself from getting hurt. This trip, I put aside my vulnerability that we would grow close only to grow apart, and just focused on being in the moment. I am so glad I did that because I would have missed out otherwise. I'm a total scaredy-cat but it is truly a wonderful feeling to just be open, even if you might get hurt. That is the sappy thing I learned this Thanksgiving.

Some other things I learned:

1) The Netflix original animated feature film Klaus is INCREDIBLE and I would recommend it to everyone.

2) Visit the Gaylord Texan-- it is a veritable Disneyland of exhibits and shops, and there are a lot of cool Christmas-themed activities (like a gingerbread decorating station).

3) Go see Frozen 2 in theaters...It is everything you hoped for, and then some.

4) Pecan pie is not overrated.

5) There are no hills in Dallas, Texas. Seriously. It is completely flat.

6) The best brunch spot is the Broken Egg. Try the bananas foster pancakes. Trust me.

7) Family is family, whether near or far, and is always worth the effort.

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