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Some Things I Learned After Four Years at Yale

1. Don't push it. If things are going well, don't increase and increase your expectations. Let a good thing be and if it's meant to change in some way, don't aggravate it. Let it happen naturally.

2. If someone gives you an inch, don't swim all over them (to quote the little mermaid). Appreciate it and smile but don't demand more.

3. Never settle for less than you deserve.

4. Take other people's feelings into account. Don't be driven only by what makes you happy, derive some of your happiness from creating satisfaction for others.

5. Don't expect things to happen all at once. Slowly developed things are stronger and last longer

6. People cannot be "stolen" from you. A million people come and go in a person's life, and the arrival of a new friend doesn't mean the departure of an old friend. If someone wants you in their life, they will put in the effort to keep you there.

7. Some people are for now, not forever. It's important to see that the fading of a friendship is not a failure, it is parting ways for your individual journeys to continue.

8. Never take a good thing for granted.

9. College should be educational for your mind and your heart. Do not neglect either.

10. The best people are the ones who enhance you, support you and make you smile. Do the same for them.

11. Walk the line of fear, but never do something just to prove you're not scared of it. Overcome fear to embrace challenges that you find worthy of your time and effort.

12. The goal is not euphoric happiness. The goal is satisfaction, inner confidence, safety in body and health. The goal is to be able to celebrate and cry in balance. The goal is to love and be loved. The goal is to know when tears are merited and give in when they are. The goal is to wear a full range of emotions on your face and to smile more often than not.

13. Not everything is about you. Be there for someone else.

14. Accept change and rise to meet it.

15. Depend on yourself. Draw your strength from the inside and never be afraid to share it with others.

16. Don't let anyone use you and don't stay in a situation where you are not valued.

17. Speak freely, truly, and respectfully.

18. Find true blue friends who see you completely and love what they see. And do the same for them.

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