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Some of the Best Guts at Yale

In honor of Yale winning The Game this year (and Harvard always having school on Monday), I wanted to write a post about Yale. Specifically, my advice about which Yale classes are a good option if you’re searching for a gut.

First and foremost, a gut is a class that is considered “easy” and does not have a demanding workload. Sometimes you need a fifth class or sometimes you want your fourth class to be on the easier side. Just because a class is not as intense does not mean it has to be less interesting. Throughout my time at Yale, both my friends and I have taken a few classes considered guts.

Quick PSA— Do not take Astrophysics and expect it to be a gut. False advertising.

1. Abnormal Psychology- This lecture is interesting, but straightforward. All the content presented in lecture is covered in the PowerPoints posted to Canvas (so if you need to miss a lecture, that’s fine). There are two exams, a midterm and a final, and one short paper.

2. Plants and People - My best friend took this class, and she thought it was so fun. Like we went out of the classroom once a week to like the Peabody, Yale farm, yale greenhouse, etc. It was just super easy subject material too. Especially if you knew anything about science

3. Race and Gender in American Literature - There are not any exams for this class, just papers. There is a section, but a small amount of participation is all that is needed to get a good grade in the class.

4. Norse Mythology- This class was so interesting, and one of my favorites I took. The seminar is capped, and meets twice a week. All of the readings are short and are selections from Norse myths. The only assignments are three two-page papers, and you can choose your own topic. This class has a very low workload combined with a fascinating curriculum, and I would recommend it to anyone.

5. Art and Myth in Greek Antiquity- This lecture highlights a broad variety of artworks from Ancient Greece and connects them to their mythological source material. The lecture is straightforward, and there are only two exams and one paper.

6. Psychology and the Good Life-- Everyone took this class. Everyone. Laurie Santos dominated everyone's schedules and although I question some of her opinions (drop anything that makes you unhappy!), the class is a straightforward lecture, and an easy A for many.


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