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If Yale Residential Colleges Were Named After Dictators

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Each Yale residential college is different, and residents are fiercely confident that their college is the best. Yale students rank college dining halls, suite accommodations and more. However, no one has (as far as I know) tried to match the name of each residential college to the dictator with the most phonetically similar name.... Until now.

Saybrook – Saydong

Branford – Napoleon Bonaford

Jonathan Edwards – Jonath-al-Assad

Pierson - Robespierson

Davenport - Gaddafinport

Morse – Morsolini

Stiles – Stilin

Calhoun – Calhoun

Berkeley - Genghis Berkhan

Trumbull - Trumpull

Timothy Dwight – Tiberius Dwight

Silliman - Sillenin

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