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Five Gifts for Llama Lovers

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

My little sister, Alana, was given the nickname Allama the Llama by a few of her friends. My entire family has embraced this moniker, and llamas are now nearly synonymous with my sister. Her room is stuffed full of llama related knickknacks (we refer to all the llamas as "Allama's herd"), making it harder each present-giving occasion to find something new. Luckily, llamas are all the rage right now. From my experience, here are the five of the best gifts for your friend or family member who adores llamas.

1. A fluffy, adorable llama doorstop. This plush llama is weighted to serve as a door butler, propping doors open in the cutest way possible.

2. Christmas Llama Socks. These socks are a festive stocking stuffer, and an item that can be used year-round.

3. This Lucky little llama charm is a great gift for anyone who enjoys displaying knickknacks, particularly to add personality to a college dorm room.

4. The colorful artwork and details on this llama mug make it an adorable treat for a friend or family member.!5392!3!304956242115!!!u!821596659772!&mc=t_s_hr_Google+Adwords_PLA+-+Gifts+-+Smart+Shopping+-+G+-+OCE__%7Bstore_id%7D&tgt=set

5. The "I Llove you Lots!" plush is a good idea for the llama fan who is looking for a cuddly addition to their throw pillow display, or for a younger child building their stuffed animal collection.

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