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Dads Who Drive the Plot by Denying the Power of Music

These guys simply cannot fathom the joy of song, or reconcile their stubborn opposition with the possibility that music is the one thing missing from their lives. There are two classic examples of this trope:

1. Coach Bolton (High School Musical)- Zac Efron cemented his celebrity status by playing Troy Bolton in High School Musical. However, the only reason Troy needed to dig deep and break free is because his focused father refused to believe that Troy was capable of handling more than one extracurricular activity. Troy's determination to audition for the Musicale stemmed from his father's adamant demand that he spend every second dribbling and faking right to break left (plus his giant crush on Gabriella). If Coach Bolton hadn’t provided opposition, Troy never would have realized his desire to sing with Gabriella in Twinkle Towne.

2. Captain von Trapp (The Sound of Music)- Everyone loves a man who refuses to look at his children unless he’s summoning them with a military whistle (not). When Maria swoops into his life as the governess for his seven children, she revitalizes his bond with them and reminds him that a large part of parenting is singing “Edelweiss.” Captain von Trapp’s single-minded focus on avoiding his family dissolved as soon as his family became a musical group, at the behest of Maria and Max (but he just needed a show-stopping group for the festival). Maria brought the joy of song to his mansion, thus reviving his other emotions, such as empathy and love. Had Captain von Trapp not banned music after his wife died, Maria would never have needed to teach the children how to sing nor would she have mended the shattered family bonds in the von Trapp mansion.

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